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Media Coverage

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ACC News Releases:

Analysis of Occupational Formaldehyde Exposure Should be Interpreted with Caution [7/15/15]

Formaldehyde Industry Supports National Implementation of the CARB Standard for Composite Wood Products Sold in the U.S. [3/1/2015]

The Safety of Formaldehyde Is Well-Studied and Supported By Robust Science [8/8/2014]

EPA Workshop Evaluating All Data Should Inform EPA Revision of Formaldehyde IRIS Assessment [4/28/2014]

ACC Announces New Principles to Enhance Chemical Hazard and Risk Assessments [4/25/2014]

Commentary on Food Packaging Materials Strings Together Series of Scary, Unfounded Claims [2/20/2014]

Formaldehyde Is Biodegradable, Quickly Broken Down in the Air By Sunlight or By Bacteria in Soil or Water [1/29/2014]

EPA's Proposed Rule for Formaldehyde Emissions Is Arbitrary and Contrary to the Intent of the Law [10/11/2013]

ACOG Opinion Creates Confusion for Pregnant Women [9/23/2013]

ACC Formaldehyde Panel Supports Regulations Consistent with the Safe Use of Formaldehyde [5/29/2013]

ACC Highlights Robust Government, Industry Safety Efforts Surrounding Chemicals Used in Consumer Products [4/10/2013]

NAS Committee Should Evaluate All Relevant Science, NTP's RoC Listing Criteria for Formaldehyde Determinations [3/19/2013]

ACC Encourages Newly-Announced NAS Committee to Evaluate All Relevant Science for Formaldehyde Determinations [1/11/2013]

European Scientific Regulatory Review Contradicts U.S. Classification on Formaldehyde [12/10/2012]

ACC Welcomes Hearing on Report on Carcinogens [4/25/2012]

ACC Comments on the Use of Formaldehyde in Hair Smoothing Products [4/13/2012]

ACC Applauds Congressional Action to Improve Chemical Risk Assessments [12/17/2011]

Chemistry Used in Shampoos Prohibits Bacterial Growth and Helps Protect Consumer Health and Safety [11/3/2011]

HHS Moves Forward with Unfounded Classification of Formaldehyde [6/10/2011]

ACC Calls Upon EPA to Adopt NAS Findings in Risk Assessment [4/8/2011]

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) Issues Position on the Formaldehyde Content of Some Popular Hair-Smoothing Products [12/9/2010]

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) Comments on Reports About Formaldehyde in Hair Products [10/19/2010]

ACC Forms New Formaldehyde Panel [8/24/2010]